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Welcome to the online home of East Orange School District. We share our borders with Newark to the east and south, South Orange to the southwest, Orange to the west, and Glen Ridge and Bloomfield to the north. East Orange School District educates more than 10,000 students on our 22 campuses, serving students from preschool to 12th grade. Our diverse schools and educational programs work in concert with our teachers and staff to provide the best education possible for each of the children in our charge.

Please take the time to browse our website to learn about all that East Orange School District has to offer. You may access our latest district news, anti-bullying information, and calendar for upcoming events or by clicking the appropriate links listed here and throughout our site. If you experience any difficulties in finding the information you need, please contact us. Our doors are open to you.

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Attention Parents & Guardians,

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We will post quarter 4 report cards for all elementary and middle school students, and they will be available for download from the EOSD FOCUS Parent Portal on Monday, June 25, 2018. We will e-mail quarter 4 report cards to all elementary and middle school students on Monday, June 25, 2018, as well.

We will post quarter 4 report cards for all high school students, and they will be available for download from the EOSD FOCUS Parent Portal on Wednesday, June 27, 2018. We will also e-mail quarter 4 report cards to all high school students on Wednesday, June 27, 2018, as well.

For your convenience, you may download the instructions on accessing mid-quarter notices and report cards on the EOSD FOCUS Parent Portal. 

If you have not registered for a parent portal account, we invite you to view the EOSD Parent Portal commercial or click on the FOCUS Owl to help you get started.

Finally, it brings us great pleasure to announce that this school year we will begin e-mailing report cards and mid-quarter notices to one of the parents/guardians listed as the primary contact on their child’s contact information collected by the district. If you are the primary contact for your child and would like to receive report cards, mid-quarter notices, or other district communications via e-mail, please download, fill out, and return the primary contact e-mail address letter to your child’s school.

If you are in need of additional support, please inquire within your child’s school or e-mail Tracy Smith.

A Message from Our Superintendent

Greetings East Orange School District Family,

Although this winter has been brutally cold thus far, spring and warmer days ahead are quickly approaching.

I'd like to especially thank and commend our board members and all EOSD staff who went beyond the call of duty during the first seven months of this school year, inspiring and motivating our students to be the best and to do their best. We must continue to have high expectations, raise the bar, provide rigor, align our instruction to state/national standards and PARCC, use best practices, show students that we care about them, and incorporate innovative strategies and techniques to better engage/prepare our students for the 21st century.

I’d like to also personally commend our parents, grandparents, guardians, and other community-of-care partners who continue to stay involved and engaged in our students’ education and lives. We all know that education begins in the home, and good parenting and instilling good values in our children is essential to our students’ success in school and in life. Thank you so much for intentionally supporting our school district and students.

As we continue to forge ahead towards excellence during the last three months left in this school year, it is imperative that we commit ourselves to working even smarter, harder, and wiser than ever before to ensure that we provide our students of East Orange with the best, top notch, quality education imaginable. Great schools not only have great principals, but also great teachers, great support staff, and involved parents all working together.

While we must take time out during these first seven months of this 2017-2018 school year to reflect, celebrate our accomplishments, and give proper recognition to those who have done their job well, we must also continue to brainstorm new ways to improve our practices and obtain greater results. We can never stay satisfied with the status quo. We must commit to making this our best school year ever, for ourselves and for the students of the East Orange School District. Our students deserve the best!

I am excited about 2018, and what the future holds for the East Orange Public Schools, our students, staff and families. Let’s continue to improve, expand opportunities for students and families, and enhance teaching and learning in every classroom and in every one of our schools. It is my expectation that together we will continually strive to exemplify excellence in all that we do. No time for negative distractions!

Thank you for embracing a positive growth mindset for the sake of our children. Let’s roll up our sleeves and continue our journey of continued success! We can do it and so can our students! The best is yet to come!

Your Partner in Education,

Kevin West

Dr. Kevin West
Superintendent of Schools