Great Reading Games Winner

Dear East Orange School Community,
We are thrilled to celebrate the incredible achievements of our students in the 2024 Great Reading Game! 🌟 This year's competition showcased the outstanding dedication, enthusiasm, and literary talent within our community. It gives us immense pleasure to announce the winners who have exemplified extraordinary commitment to reading.
Elementary School Achievements: 📚
  • Top Reader: Zila Pierre from Sheila Y. Oliver Academy achieved an amazing 281,751 points and read 27,795 pages. Zila has truly set a high bar with her dedication and passion for reading. 🌈
  • Runner Up: Arie Parillon, also from Sheila Y. Oliver Academy, followed closely with 266,541 points and 26,254 pages read. Arie's love for books and commitment to reading has been nothing short of inspiring. 🌟
Middle School Standout: 📘
  • Top Reader: Joel Merino from Patrick F. Healy Middle School, with 126,231 points and 12,173 pages read. Joel's hard work and dedication have truly paid off, making him a standout reader in his category. 💫
High School Leaders: 📗
  • Top Reader: Nahir Wilson from East Orange STEM Academy, who achieved 102,491 points and 9,799 pages read, has shown exceptional dedication and enthusiasm toward reading. 👏
  • Runner Up: Maurice Clarke from East Orange Campus High School, with 80,261 points and 7,866 pages read. Maurice's passion for reading and consistent effort are truly commendable. 📖
School-Wide Winners: 🏆
  • Elementary School Winner: Dionne Warwick Institute, taking 1st Place with a staggering 2,626,329 points and 240,442 pages read, has set an exemplary standard for literary achievement. 🥇
  • Middle School Winner: Patrick Frances Healy Middle School secured 1st Place with 2,871,452 points and 254,393 pages read, showing the incredible collective effort and love for reading. 🥇
  • High School Winner: East Orange Campus High School, with 3,137,780 points and 266,942 pages read, emerged victorious, showcasing the power of teamwork and shared passion for literature. 🥇
A Heartfelt Congratulations 🎉 to all our winners and participants! Competing with students and schools across the country, we have once again proven the exceptional talent and dedication within our community. Our achievements not only reflect individual commitment but also the unwavering support from teachers, parents, and fellow students. This collective success underscores our standing as a top-ranking school in states such as California, Texas, and Florida, further solidifying our community's strong culture of reading and learning.
As we celebrate these accomplishments, let us also reaffirm our commitment to nurturing a love for reading. Each page we turn not only enriches our lives but also broadens our horizons, connecting us with diverse ideas and cultures worldwide. 🌍
So, here's to more years of remarkable reading achievements! 📚✨