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Food Services

We know that a nourished child is a happy and healthy child. For students to succeed in the classroom, they must enjoy a healthy and well-balanced diet each day. We provide that service to all the students in our care by offering nutritious breakfasts and lunches to students at all our schools.


We aim to keep our meal costs low while still providing delicious and nutritious options.
Breakfast - FREE for all students
Lunch pricing for the 2022/23 School Year: 
Elementary - $2.45
Middle - $2.95
High School - $2.95
Reduced (For the 22/23 SY, Reduced priced meals will be $0.00, due to a waiver issued by the USDA.)
Elementary - $0.00
Middle - $0.00
High School - $0.00
Elementary - $0.00
Middle - $0.00
High School - $0.00
Negative Balances
All student accounts that had negative balances that carried over from prior years have been cleared. Students that had negative balances will start this 22/23 school year with a $0.00 balance. Students whose accounts still had a positive dollar amount, those monies have rolled-over into this year.