Igniting Curiosity and Collaboration

The East Orange School District is thrilled to announce a day of cultural and STEM student exchange with East Orange STEM Academy and Busan Science High from South Korea, an esteemed magnet high school known for its specialization in STEM education.


On Friday, May 10th this highly anticipated event brought together 90 students and 10 teachers from Busan Science High and the 10th through 12th grade student population and staff members of the East Orange STEM Academy, hosted a day filled with immersive experiences aimed at broadening perspectives and igniting curiosity. "We are excited to welcome our international guests and provide them with engaging and enriching experiences during their visit," said the hosting Principal Dr. Vincent Stallings, of East Orange Stem Academy.


The exchange involved students from both institutions collaborating on STEM and American cultural projects. Each group of East Orange STEM Academy students paired with 10 students from Busan Science High as well as a STEM Academy Student Ambassador, fostering a dynamic environment for learning and innovation.


During the planning phase of the exchange Yumi Choi, representing Busan Science High, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, "I am impressed by the impact of STEM education at East Orange STEM Academy. We are excited about the prospect of collaborating with your team to create a mutually beneficial project."


The exchange represented a unique opportunity for students to engage in cross-cultural learning experiences, exchange ideas, and forge meaningful connections that transcend borders.