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The Climate Change Book Club

As a district, we believe in an informative, interactive, and productive approach to teaching environmental awareness. Through these efforts, we launched Environmental Book Clubs in five schools in 2020. The goal was to build advocacy and support for conventional, alternative, and conservation of energy resources. Our environmental book club students explore the topic by diving deep into the text "An Inconvenient Truth" by former Vice President Al Gore—this book anchors discussions, issues, and sustainability and environmental change projects.


The school-based book clubs are led by Mr. Tamburin (EO Campus HS), Dr. Pedrazzi (Costley MS), Ms. Williams-Wong (Cicely Tyson M/H), Ms. Solyman (Tyson ES), and Ms. Jimenez (STEM Academy). Book club members meet once weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. During this time, students participate in open discussion using a variety of genres as a base of a debate. Utilizing these discussions, students can connect with the importance of nurturing and maintaining what we call home.