Superintendent's Message

Greetings East Orange School District Community,

We have officially completed yet another successful school opening! You’ve played such a major role in our success by starting the school year fully prepared to accommodate and support our scholars and their families. Your “boots on the ground” approach coupled with your commitment and diligence have not gone unnoticed.

As I mentioned in last month’s community letter, it is important to note that we are still in the process of recovering from a global pandemic while concurrently exercising caution in navigating another public health crisis. Thus, it is paramount that I continue to emphasis the importance of self-care and wellness, more specifically, taking care of yourself, learning how to anticipate stress and crisis whenever possible, and equipping yourself with the skill-set to practice self-care, particularly during challenging times. Additionally, researchers have found that 5-minute increments of self-care spread throughout the day can be impactful by improving overall mental health.