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Nutrition and Health

Immunizations and Vaccinations
Age appropriate vaccinations for children entering preschool are as follows (without exception):
  • Eighteen months-four years
  • Four doses DTaP
  • Three doses polio
  • One dose MMR
  • HIB (minimum of one dose after first birthday)
  • PCV7 (minimum of one does after the first birthday)
  • One dose influenza (annually between September 1 and December 31 each year)
  • Three doses of hepatitis B
Lead Testing
The State of New Jersey requires all pre-k students get lead tested. Please have your child tested prior to registering. Lead poisoning can cause learning and behavior problems in children. Lead can also cause slowed growth, anemia, and hearing problems. A child might have lead in his or her blood but still look healthy. Please do your part to prevent lead poisoning. Know your child’s lead number by talking with your physician or your local health department. For answers to questions, please call the East Orange Health Department - Lead Program at (973) 266.5489.