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English Language Arts Department

Literacy is the foundation for lifelong learning. The art of reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing, and presenting aid us in our efforts to communicate effectively.
Our students will attain the literacy skills necessary for them to construct meaning, acquire knowledge, think critically, reply strategically, and prepare for college and careers. These skills will enable our students to be productive members of a diverse society in the 21st century.
The English language arts literacy curriculum is dedicated to promoting a community of learners immersed in the process of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing. The curriculum is intended to refine, support, and challenge the learning experiences of students within the language arts classroom and other content areas.
All students will be able to construct meaning, build knowledge, conduct research, enlarge experiences, and broaden world views attained through the mastery of the English Language Arts New Jersey Learning Standards, which are the foundation that promote creative and purposeful expressions in language.
We will provide literacy instruction that teaches children to effectively read, write, listen, and speak. Through the use of multiple strategies, we hope to help our students develop into lifelong learners, both academically and socially.
We will achieve this by using the following best practices:
  • Promoting a literacy-rich environment that represents diverse cultures
  • Providing extensive time for purposeful reading, writing, speaking, and listening experiences in all content areas
  • Using ongoing assessment tools to differentiate instruction for a diverse learning community
  • Utilizing technology to enhance literacy instruction
  • Fostering independence by encouraging student choice
  • Engaging all children by providing reading and writing opportunities that incorporate students’ interests Y. Hughes
Supervisor of Language Arts/Lit (K-5)
Supervisor of Language Arts/Lit (6-12)
  EOSD Secondary ELA Link