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It is our goal to inspire students to acquire a life-long Mathematics Passion And a Continuous Thirst for knowledge, so they will be equipped with the skills and expertise needed to be innovative, creative, and successful members of our ever-changing global society.




The K–12 Mathematics Department seeks to provide an excellent standards-based mathematics education and experience for all students. This will be accomplished through purposeful, interactive, and engaging lessons that will support the progression of topics across grade levels.  These rigorous lessons will allow students to engage in conceptual understanding, procedural skills and fluency, and real-world applications with equal intensity.

As students progress through the K-12 Mathematics program, our mission is to develop generations of problem-solvers and solution-seekers who will
be prepared for real-world situations, college experiences, and careers.

Curriculum Textbooks
  • (K-5) Into Math
  • (6-8) Reveal Math
  • (HS) Big Ideas Math
Technology Supplemental Programs
  • Freckle
  • IXL
K. Powers
Kelly Powers
Supervisor of Mathematics (6-12)