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Health and Physical Education

To give all students opportunities and experiences that lead to the achievement of total wellness and result in longer and healthier life.
Every child will...
  • Be afforded the opportunity to engage in worthwhile and meaningful activities which promote active and healthy lifestyles in Pre-K through Grade 12.
  • Instruction of academic concepts that include fitness, nutrition, goal setting, and components of health
  • Participate in fitness assessments that provide valuable reflection of past and current ability levels in addition to serving as the basis for determining future potential.
  • Learn how to make healthy choices as they relate to the total health of one’s own body.
  • Cultivate an appreciation for the importance of creative movement as it relates to everyday living.
  • Have the opportunity to develop an appreciation for the differences found in others.
THE GREAT BODY SHOP is a comprehensive health education curriculum that is sequential, developmentally The Great Body Shopappropriate, culturally sensitive and medically accurate. THE GREAT BODY SHOP is aligned to the New Jersey Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Standards, National Health Education Standards, National Sexuality Education Standards, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Characteristics of Effective Health Education Curricular and the core concepts recommended by CDC’s HECAT. The program provides teachers
and learners with scripted print and digital lessons that provide easy navigation through the sensitive portions of the curriculum.
GREAT BODY SHOP allows for family connections through unit bulletins and a family portal.
TennisThe Physical Education Department has partnered with the United States Tennis Association to bring Tennis to the schools. Studies show that youth who play tennis are more likely to engage in healthy behaviors and volunteer in the community. USTA has provided Tennis equipment, teacher training, and access to a wide range of instructional resources for teachers.
NJ PhysicianWe have partnered with the New Jersey Physician Advisory Group to support students, teachers, and parents through issues related to adolescence.
Wellness on Wheels
What we eat, what we earn, and where we live and work are all factors in our health. WellnessResearchers now know that social and environmental factors contribute greatly to wellness. We have partnered with the Wellness on Wheels program at Saint Barnabas Health to train our young people on the key aspects of healthy living and healthy eating. Nutrition experts work with teachers in classrooms on activities where students formulate actual healthy meals!
Parent Health Workshop Zoom Link: