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Social Studies

To expose, empower, and engage scholars, educators, families and the community in culturally-dynamic and innovative learning experiences that challenge our youth to take action, think critically, and develop an appreciation for historical scholarship.
To create opportunities that promote historical exploration, creativity, advocacy and empathy, so that young scholars are empowered to contribute to the improvement of their community, nation, and the world.
EOSD Social Studies Program
The Social Studies K–12 program at EOSD consists of the integrated study of the social sciences to prepare our students for responsible citizenship in an increasingly global society. Social Studies is essential to individual growth in a democratic society. Throughout its courses, disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge is used to understand how powerful ideas are drawn from history, law, geography, government, economics, psychology, and sociology. Our students then construct meaning by understanding important ideas and their perspectives as responsible citizens grow as a result.
Social Studies instruction will be guided by the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS) - Social Studies, with a focus on the following four dimensions:
  • Developing questions and planning inquiries;
  • Applying disciplinary concepts and tools;
  • Evaluating sources and using evidence;
  • Communicating conclusions and taking informed action.

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